Solve School Safety

Protecting children and community buildings is a national focus.  Leverage your community’s existing law enforcement resources with an actionable solution to increase safety NOW!

Rely on who you trust

It’s the officer in the patrol car who responds to an alert.  Get alerts to officers sooner, get officers there faster, use tools already deployed in thousands of patrol cars.

Use tools you have

Increasing security can’t wait.  Deployment should be simple, fast and affordable.  Use your community’s current investment in officer safety to embrace school security.  

Every Second Counts!

COPsync 911 is a “Real-time threat alert system” that immediately connects the staff of a building under potential threat with the five officers closest to the building’s location.

COPsync911 takes school security to a new level.  If under potential threat, the school opens an


immediate and direct real-time connection with the law enforcement officers closest to the threat location.

With COPsync911 installed, users click an icon to open a real-time connection with the closest law enforcement officers and 911 dispatch.  Officers can send an immediate reply message letting the sender know they are on their way.  

  • Immediate alert to dispatch and law enforcement
  • Get officers on scene faster 
  • Live chat between officers, dispatch and threat environment 
  • Downloadable building sketch of threat location


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